On-site Guarding

We provide on-site guarding services with specially selected and trained security guards who provide medium and large-sized businesses with surveillance services.

Mobile Guarding

You get a professional and persuasive security presence from Mobile Guarding that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget. Get the tranquility you require. Secure First FM's Mobile Guarding delivers!

Remote Guarding

Remote guarding is an advanced physical security solution that gives you a customized security solution by using video surveillance cameras, live video monitoring, and live audio warnings.

Construction Site Security

We offer feature-rich security solutions that fit seamlessly into your daily routine and add a durable layer of protection to your website or property. We work to implement dedicated security solution that your project are delivered on time

Event Security Services

We anticipate that after the challenging period of the Covid-19 lockdown, life is gradually returning to normal. People are now attempting to plan their activities in a secure setting and as a result, the best security providers.

Retail Security Services

Well-trained and proactive retail security personnel are highly effective deterrents to theft from customers . The evolving world of retail security presents chance for secure first fm Services to further develop security solutions.

Security Cameras

Both IP and analog camera systems are designed, supported, and installed by us.In addition, we offer IT services upon request or collaborate with your existing IT to ensure that any IP installations protect your network. Give us a call right away if you need a new surveillance system or want to upgrade your current one.

Manned guarding Services

Your specifications are met by our Security Officers. A welcoming smile to greet guests at your location or a more forceful, no-nonsense demeanor to safeguard equipment late at night. There is a lot going on behind the uniform, including screening, vetting, qualification, and experience. Long before customers, guests, or other people in the public suspect anything, our security officers can spot a problem.

Role of a Security Guard

A security guard's responsibilities can include just being there, responding to robberies and assaults, and keeping the peace.A security guard's knowledge of all their duties can go a long way toward ensuring the safety of your property.

Crowd Control

Security officers who ensure a person's or group's safety are known as crowd controllers. They manage crowds in public settings and aid in maintaining their composure.

Powers of Arrest

The police need to have good reason to believe you are involved in a crime for which they need to arrest you before they can take you into custody.

Patrol Techniques

Security guards can learn everything they need to know about patrolling a post with the help of the Patrol Training Program. It discusses typical procedures for patrolling various commercial properties.

Use of Force

The number of times a security or law enforcement officer attempts to compel an unwilling object is known as the used of force. A security guard typically employs the use of force doctrine.

First Aid

First aid training for security guards is very important because it is a technique that can save a person's life at the scene of a medical emergency.